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Delikon,leading manufacturer of flexible conduits and fittings. Delikon flexible conduits and fittings,your Professional Electrical Wiring Protection Solutions.
Electrical flexible conduit systems
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Delikon Product Families --- Flexible Conduits & Connectors

Delikon, leading manufacturer of flexible conduit and fittings. Delikon flexible conduit systems are used to protect critical power and data cabling. We provide flexible solutions for leading organizations in technically demanding markets such as Rail, petrochemical industry, Marine, Machinery, CCTV, and Telecomms.

Overbraided flexible conduit system

  DELIKON Protective Braided Flexible Conduit Systems
Braided Flexible Conduit Systems offer protection against hot chips; High tensile strength; Highly compression resistance; Flexible; For heavy mechanical stress.
Application includes: Mechanical engineering, Plant engineering and construction, Outdoors application, Everywhere where cables and wires could be damaged by welding sparkles or hot chips.

Liquidtight metal conduit & water proof conduit systems

  DELIKON Ultratite flexible steel conduit, Liquidtight metal conduit
Liquidtight metal conduit, clean, smooth metal interior for easy wire-pulling and requires no special tools for cutting or bending. Sunlight resistant. Ultratite flexible metal conduit Provides the safest possible protection from moisture, oil, chemicals, acid, alkaline and the ozone. Tough Ultrabond, anchored polyvinyl chloride, extruded cover seals the spirally-wound, square-locked flexible galvanized steel core. Eliminates maintenance and downtime due to wiring failure. PVC jacket is made with a sunlight resistant compound. The Steel Liquid Tight Conduit is one of many top quality items from DELIKON. Liquidtight metal conduit provides superior wire protection in damp environments.
  Flexible Conduit Systems For Healthcare & Food Manufacturing Cable Management
Delikon offers a complete solution for food manufacturing plants and healthcare environments. Braided flexible conduits, liquid tight metal conduits and a range of connectors complete the offering.

Delikon high quality metal connectors & fittings for flexible conduits


Flexible stainless steel conduit & High performance racing hose


Flexible conduit systems for industry cable management


Quality Liquidtight Fittings From Delikon

The wide range of Delikon metallic and non-metallic flexible conduit systems is specifically designed to provide ingress protection to the vulnerable umbilical cabling used on CCTV cameras and networks. The flexible systems are ideal for both static and rotating cameras.
Flexible Conduit System For Complete CCTV Cable Protection Solutions
DELIKON QUALITY electric Flexible conduit system
Delikon, a leading Chinese manufacturer and exporter for electrical flexible conduits, fittings, high performance braided race car hose, and flexible ducting for various applications, our business philosophy has always been based on quality products, innovative solutions, and service beyond our customers expectations.

DELIKON QUALITY electric Flexible conduit system